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Credit Repair
  • Home-ownership Goals
  • Mortgage Qualification and Payments
  • Apartment Leasing Eligibility
  • Auto or Home Insurance Premiums
  • Auto Loan Qualification and Payments
  • Credit Card Interest Rates and Payments
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Job Promotions
  • Security Clearances
  • And Much More

Collection Accounts

Charge Offs

Medical Bills 

Short Sales 

Paid Settlements

Bad Credit and Low Credit Scores Can Negatively Affect:

Our credit repair specialist can help you to make sure that your rights to accurate credit reports are upheld. Disputed items which cannot be verified by your creditors or the credit bureaus must be completely deleted from your credit reports. No more searching the credit repair agencies when you have Credit Diva working for you! Let us get the job done.

Late Payments





Credit problems and Low Credit Scores can make it difficult to qualify for financing. Plus, with bad credit even if you are approved for financing you may be subject to Higher Interest Rates and Less Favorable Terms, situations which can put a strain on your finances for years to come. Bad credit is expensive and ignoring your Credit Problems is a huge financial mistake.

Our Credit Repair Has Helped Our Clients Remove or Correct:


Tax Liens

Loan Modifications

Invalid Items

Identity Theft & Fraud

Many people fail to realize how important it is to have good credit until it really matters. Have you experienced the embarrassing situation of applying for a Mortgage or Auto Loan only to be turned down or offered a horrible interest rate? If so, Credit Diva's Repair Services may be the exact solution you need.

Our Defined Credit Restoration Plan provided by our experts can help you to move from Bad Credit to Better Credit before you know it. You do not have to wait another day to start working toward the Better Credit you want and need.

Credit Repair Services

       Your Credit Repair Specialist

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